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Materials Research ibero-american Journal of Materials is an international journal on experimental, theoretical and simulation research on the processing, structure and properties of materials.

The conception of Materials Research ibero-american Journal of Materials was nucleated in the general meeting of the 11o CEBCIMAT - Brazilian Congress of Materials Science and Engineering, in 1994, and consolidated in the 12o CEBCIMAT, in 1996. The first issue with 8 original articles was produced and printed in October 1998.

Prof. Edgar Dutra Zanotto from the Department of Material Engineering, DEMa, Federal University of São Carlos, UFSCar, was the Editor-in-chief during the initial 13 years and was responsible for the fast recognition of Mat. Res. and its indexation in 2008, in the ISI database.

Prof. Walter José Botta Filho, also from DEMa UFSCar, replaced Prof. Zanotto as the Editor-in chief in October 2010.

Mat. Res. originally published 4 issues per year, which increased to 6 issues per year since 2012.

The journal is published by Associação Brasileira de Metalurgia e Materiais - ABM; Associação Brasileira de Cerâmica - ABC; and Associação Brasileira de Polímeros ABPol.

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